lunes, 30 de enero de 2012


Much did not like to write a blog but not because it is in English, but because I am not accustomed to writing on specific topics in any area of my life; It was for especially a challenge for my every week spoke on topics neither that nor I had very clearly, in general I did not please but was very interesting to do it; this is because everything new brings challenges that to fulfill.

There were very interesting topics as the piece of art that more I estimate, or some song that me permission to the mind writing the topics; in turn it was entertained to write comments to my companions of class and to discover his interests, so for this side it was interesting and wealth-producing.

If it had to choose one more topic me taste was on geography as the topic when we had to describe Santiago as one take care interesting or not, professions that we had liked to do and many other things more; In general also I liked the dynamics of the Blog in general; since learning to write and joining thoughts across the writing to be able retro- feed on the corrections of my companions and them on my corrections;

Also it was very entertaining to read the topics of my companions and to see the form in which we differ between yes, we study the same thing but not because of it we have more things in common.

This rich exchange of ideas was interesting at the end of the semester, a new way of learning which is good for all, I wait it continues repeating itself though I do not like much, this does not mean that it is badly a method, if not that not we all have the same tastes to teach.

domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

Hello today I’m going to write about a piece of art that I like you know, this piece of art is “ Autoretrato” of Van Gogh; first of all Van Gogh as know it as an artist madman and sick, in this auto portrait he was in a mental hospital ( ten months afterwards  he would commit suicide) in 1889, is for this that the colours that he used are greenish and sick; he not only painted this auto portrait, on the contrary, he did about 40 more but this one is the most famous. He was happening a bad time when he painted this portrait, in fact, the bottom of piece you can see waviness that symbolize the madness.

I don’t remember the first time I saw this painting, I believe that always I have know her maybe because I was born 100 years later that he painted, I don’t know, but always provokes me the sensation of melancholy and sadness when I see her.

I liked because he was a unusual person and different from other artist who always looked for recognition, he was never recognize in life, his work was announced after his death when he was considered to be one of the big teacher of the impressionism.

Well this painting it’s not the only one that I like from Van Gogh; the most of his work is extremely interesting and fascinating because nobody know the real circumstances about his life and death, his madness or depression; He was a remarkable person and artist.

lunes, 9 de enero de 2012

Live in Santiago

                 Hello everyone, today I will write about my city, Santiago of Chile, first of all Santiago is a city located in centre zone of the country, it’s the capital and is much polluted in the air. The things that I like about Santiago are not much in fact, but, the history and some architecture are interesting to see and visit: for example you have a museum (The Bellas Artes), historical neighborhoods like the Lastarria, Yungai and many other attractive places to go.

The thing that I don’t like in Santiago is the polluted, the traffic, the big building, etc; the truth is I don’t like so much Santiago after all; it’s for that condition (the things I don’t like in Santiago) are because I would change many things inside the city, for example: I implement more green areas and parks to clean up the atmosphere of the polluted, also I would change the transit system implement more bicycles and less cars on the streets, I give a bonus to the people who utilize vehicles like this for less polluted too.
Well the tips I do to the people who visit Santiago are, known a place comfortable place to stayed, later you go out to the city and find a person who present the interesting place of It’s, like the climbs, parks, rivers and culture zone, You need to be safety in the streets of Santiago with a big group of tourist or a person who live in the city.

At the end of the day, it’s not bored city but nether a interesting too, its because that you need have the opportunities of visit out the city, like the Cajon del Maipo, the Sky centers or a beach very close to Santiago like Viña del Mar for example, you can camping do trekking and more interesting activities around the city.

Do you like Santiago?             

domingo, 8 de enero de 2012

The holiday of Mane ( Correction)

"Hello! I’ll talk about my Christmas night. Every year I spent this holiday with my family and this year there wasn’t an exception, so with my mom, dad, brother, grandma and sister in law had a delicious dinner in my house.

We eat turkey and potatoes and some sauces of mushroom and olive. Also, we had some salads like palm heart with lettuce, carrot with peanuts and tomatoes.But Before the dinner, we drank a toast for our family and our grandfather who died the past year. That was with punch, with my own grandfather recipe, and this is a tradition in my family for every date we have to celebrate. After that, my dad opened a bottle of wine to drink with the dinner (all the people in my house, except my brother, drank wine with an important dinner, like a birthday so we did it for Christmas too).

After the supper, we eat some ice cream with chocolates and then my father, my brother and I went out in the car. That’s another tradition, wait for Santa coming to my home (jajajajaja!) and when we arrived home, we opened our presents, we said thank you to everyone of us, and that was all for me, because I was very tired and I went to bed :P It was a beautiful night anyway!"
Well, Mane don’t have problems in her post; maybe I didn’t find any problem in this correction.

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

The Dragon Chinese

                    It’s a new year and everything change, even the horoscope; in this topic I write about my Chinese zodiac animal “the Dragon”; the dragon is an animal very dominant and passionate personality, also prefer live by they own rules with a strong character; according to my born date I’m a Earth dragon (1988) this dragon is more rooted in the ground they act prudence in the life, also they prefer admire by others and to be alone; live period of stress and tension for the reason that they take so many risk, is for that recommended to do Yoga activities ( I practice Yoga !).

They prefer creativity career because they prefer to be a head and not the body; in the love, dragons are very independent person, they have a very difficult temperament with other persons (in this case the partner in love); but when they find the love with the other person usually commit to that person for life.    
My life and the dragon life:

My life is very similar to the character of the dragon, I’m a very independent women and very difficult temperament (not very, but difficult in some days) I’m not ambition person but I have dreams very strong to do in my life and would like to do all of them; also practice Yoga because I’m very stress person like the dragon and in the relationships item I’m very similar, dreadfully similar I’m bored quickly when the other person is very different in opinion, dreams or anything.
Well in the opposition I don’t similar with the dragon in the item “like to be alone” I don’t like be alone in any case of my life, I’m very open with other people and love the activities on group like be with my friends, family, etc.

What is your animal? You like the dragon? You have compatibility with the dragon?
Thank for read! Bye!!

lunes, 19 de diciembre de 2011

My favorite Beach: Pichilemu

My favourite beach is Pichilemu, this beach is in the 6 region of Chile and there you find many activities and entertainment place, also is recognizing for the surf, Pichilemu is the capital international of Surf, this condition it’s because the waves they are so famous for the altitude and energy; also you find many Hostels and restaurants.

The most things that I like about Pichilemu’s beach is the sand an sun, the sand is dark and always very clean, in summer time Pichilemu is very full of visit, in fact the all year this beach is full of people like surfers, foreign people or people would like escape of the city.

Normally I go Pichilemu when I tired of the city or when I have time to go to the beach with friend, family or boyfriends, the last time I went to Pichilemu was with my best friend and for four days the past large weekend, we went alone in a car and arrive in the afternoon when the sun comes out.

Well there we stayed in a Hostels very warm and friendly, they take care so much about us, the people in Pichilemu is nice; the next day we stayed all day in the beach, very peaceful  and relaxing.

The thing I love do in the beach is walk on the sand, near the coast line and see the people or the view, take long walk every afternoon and wet my foot with sea water .

Well I hope you enjoy go to the beach like me, thank for reading this post!  

lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

Outdoor Activity, Walk and Yoga.

My favourite activity outdoor is walk, long or short walks under the rain or sun, alone, with other people, with a book, listen radio or see the landscape around; this is my favourite activity normally, but exist one activity that I love to do: Yoga outdoor, spatially on the beach, for example last weekend I went to the beach and practice yoga meditation at sunset, I don’t realize exercises of yoga but I practice the breathing and relax my mind and body.
I practice Yoga since the beginning year in the university courses whit a Yogi Master two times for week, later when the course finish I practice alone or with my best friend, well I think walk and Yoga are very important for healthy and peaceful more when we doing this activity outdoor.
I recommend practice Yoga in this days, when the rhythm of the life is very fast and wild...